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Lunch events

Where are you going to get lunch today? What's free and who is serving what where? Look no further! Auto-updating lunch feed to the rescue.

Book Exchange

Why pay the Coop hundreds of dollars when some other student on campus is trying to get rid of that book you need?


Exams & Outlines

Download past exams and outlines from students who took the professor before you. The bank has 1,723 exams and outlines (and counting)



Anonymous discussion boards. (Doesn't replace TLS, but provides for a different kind of anonymity.)

EIP Statistics

Percentages and calculations for EIP bidding and interview statistics from 2010-2012 and 2013 independently.


Course Catalog

The better course catalog - with integrated information about exam modes and schedules. Note: Current as of May. Check with the registrar for updated information.

View courses with open seats

Professor Evaluations

Detailed aggregate data from past evaluations of HLS professors.


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